Firefighter Association Claims Fire Chief Misused Taxpayer Money To Buy Faulty Fire Trucks

AUGUSTA, GA – An Augusta Firefighter’s union says Fire Chief Christopher James misused taxpayer money. Last week, the Augusta Professional Firefighter’s Association sent a letter to the City of Augusta Administrator and Serving Commissioners. That letter lays out how they say Augusta Fire Chief Christopher James used the money to buy new fire trucks without the proper approval. WJBF News Channel 6’s Stefany Bornman sat down with the President…

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Little Rock To Pay $36,000+ For More Air-Conditioning Vents On Police SUVs

Little Rock will pay $36,624 to install additional air-conditioning vents in 14 newly purchased police vehicles after officials said not enough air was circulating to the back seat of the sport utility vehicles. The need for more air, officials said, was discovered after safety partitions, dividers made of a combination of wire, plexiglass and metal to protect officers, were installed in the new patrol vehicles. In addition to separating…

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Debate In New Orleans About Problems With Firefighter Equipment

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Could it be that the problems and inefficiency with equipment and fire trucks inside the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) be a purposeful retaliation by Mayor Mitch Landrieu for the hell firefighters have given him over the last few years for refusing to pay them millions in backpay, leading to a high-profile court battle? That’s certainly what the New Orleans firefighters union President Nick Felton…

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L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. Restricts Deputies’ Use Of In-Car Devices

The temptation is always there — the smartphone on the passenger seat beside you buzzing and pinging with the urgency of your life’s problems when you should have your eyes on the road. Even if you resist, there are drivers around you who have succumbed to the screen’s siren song. The guy in front of you who doesn’t go when the light turns green. The woman who weaves between…

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