First Thursday, September 2015

Topics discussed in this month’s podcast include: Review of the Department of Labor’s rule changes concerning who is exempt from overtime under the FLSA A Cleveland firefighter was ordered to pay $2,500 for personal calls on city phone San Jose mayor changes position on police officers paying training costs Daily log is not a “personnel […]

Airport Firefighters Are Covered By FLSA’s Section 207(k) Exemption

Section 207(k) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows a public safety employer to treat firefighters and law enforcement officers differently than other employees for purposes of calculating FLSA overtime. Under Section 207(k), an employer can use a “work period” of between seven and 28 days in length in lieu of a “workweek.” The […]

Q & A

From California Question: Do you have any information on department policies regarding tattoos, brandings and piercings being visible while an officer is on duty? Answer: We know of no cases on the issue. We are aware that many departments have required that officers cover tattoos while on duty. We do think it clear that such […]