Massachusetts Ends Mandatory Physicals For Firefighters Returning From Layoff

FALL RIVER, MA – A new policy to drug test and require a physical exam for returning firefighters laid-off due to budget cuts is unlawful, according to a recently released opinion by the state Civil Service Commission “Not only is it against the law, but it’s adding insult to injury,” said firefighters’ Union President Jason […]

East St. Louis to lay off eight police officers, talks with union continue

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL • Eight police officers here have been given layoff notices, but continued union negotiations could save their jobs, city Public Safety Director Todd Fulton said Thursday. “There is still time,” Fulton said, referring to the layoffs effective Oct. 28. “Negotiations are ongoing, and it’s not too late.” City Manager Alvin Parks […]

Union, town seek ways to cut $220K, save 12 firefighter jobs

BOURNE, Mass. — Fire and town officials are looking for ways to avoid cutting almost a quarter of the fire department’s staff from the payroll, including the possibility of taking on dispatch services that have been handled by the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re working in good faith to save the town money and retain […]

39 firefighters being laid off in Waterford

WATERFORD, Mich. – Today, dozens of Waterford firefighters will be laid off. Thirty-nine firefighters were hired in April of 2013 under a FEMA grant that wasn’t renewed this year. Now, Waterford will have to consolidate from four firefighters per truck to two. This will impact how crews do their jobs but the department says they have no choice. “Because […]

Over 24 Police And Firefighter Jobs Cut In East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL – More than two dozen firefighter and police jobs are being cut in East St. Louis. The announcement was made official at East St. Louis City Hall Thursday night. The city’s revenue is down and costs are rising. Almost one third of all firefighters in East St. Louis will lose their […]

Board To Consider Laying Off All Coventry Fire District Firefighters

COVENTRY, RI – After confirming it won’t be able to make payroll this week, the board of the Coventry Fire District says it has no choice but to consider laying off all of their firefighters. The board is expected to vote Monday night on the potential layoffs, which if approved would essentially shut down the […]

Atlantic City Firefighters Rally As Future Of Department Uncertain

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Exactly how many firefighters will cover Atlantic City — and how many could lose their jobs — remains a question. “Sign that grant,” chanted dozens of firefighters as they made a lap around City Hall during a mostly quiet rally to push for the city to apply for a federal grant […]

Fort Myers City Council Rejects Proposal To Rehire Laid Off Firefighters

FORT MYERS, FL – The fight to put more firefighters back on the streets of Fort Myers was stopped dead in its tracks Monday. The city laid off 21 firefighters in May after the government grant that paid their salaries ran out, something that Fort Myers resident Erika McDermott says makes her feel less safe. […]

Oakland Mayor Retracts Letter That Raised Possibility Of Police Layoffs

OAKLAND, CA – The city quickly retracted a letter it sent Thursday to the president of Oakland’s police union warning of possible layoffs as the city begins work to balance its upcoming budget. In a follow-up letter issued late Friday, Oakland Employee Relations Director Renee Mayne apologized for the letter noting that the city could […]

Nevada Supreme Court Clears Way For Firefighter Layoffs

The city of Reno has prevailed in its legal battle to lay off 32 firefighters, but city Manager Andrew Clinger says the jobs are safe for now. In an opinion issued on Wednesday, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed District Judge Lidia Stiglich’s injunction preventing Reno from going through with the layoffs, finding that the fire […]

Q&A Podcast #2: Search & Seizure, Discipline, Sick Leave Abuse

Can an employer search an officer’s personal cell phone as part of an internal affairs investigation? How does an employer impose discipline on an employee who is in layoff status? How does an employer prove sick leave abuse? [jwplayer file=”qa_ep00002.m4a?Expires=1601579302&Signature=S7o4PKZRCv65CVZN-zakvgzrtrChEaxzvpCyje7eGa~3BgmpwrPd1kMeGho9nuhi1Z9ZcCDt9gK3O43nLDceuzyk8CoeLMkshYjh9HYsgOcgTomgQyqUQg95CsM~eEaDJ62V~94MyENx~llL-Z-cenWAQHGDtcxA0GiOyd~I11o_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJIHMHD36AUGYELAQ” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp”] Download audio file (Right click, select “Save As”) Use this link to play […]

Choose Your Words Carefully: Bargaining Over The Order Of Layoffs

When layoffs occur within an agency, unions may grieve the order of layoffs if they do not follow the order specified in the union contract. Ohio Civil Service law requires that layoffs occur in a certain order, but allows the appointing authority to decide in which classifications layoffs will occur. However, an employer and a […]

Fire Department’s No-Layoff Clause Subject To Binding Arbitration

The Johnson City, New York Professional Firefighters, Local 921 IAFF and the Village of Johnson City are parties to a collective bargaining agreement. The contract provides that “the Village shall not lay off any member of the bargaining unit during the term of the contract.” The Contract also includes a grievance procedure by which disputes […]

Sheriffs Cannot Be Laid Off In Rhode Island

The Division of Sheriffs is a subdivision of the Rhode Island State Department of Administration. On November 15, 2007, the director of the Department laid off two sheriffs and notified two others that their positions were being eliminated. The basis for the cuts was the “severe financial crisis” affecting the State of Rhode Island. The […]