Miranda Warnings Trigger Weingarten Rights

An employee’s right to representation by a labor union arises when the employee reasonably believes that discipline could result from questioning by the employer. There are cases holding that when an employer gives an employee a “Garrity order” – an order to answer questions or discipline will result – Weingarten rights are automatically triggered. A recent Illinois case reached the same “automatic triggering of Weingarten” conclusion with respect to…

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First Thursday, July 2015

Topics discussed in this month’s podcast include: Supreme Court To Hear Case Threatening Public Employee Unions, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association No Right For Non-Members To Vote On Contract, AFSCME Council 25 v. Yunkman, 2015 WL 3505668 (Mich. App. 2015) The Department of Labor Issues Draft FLSA Exemptions Regulation Health Care Cashback, Merit Pay Must Be Included In FLSA Overtime Rate, Callahan v. City of Sanger, 2015 WL 2455419…

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