AG Wants Better Data On Police Shootings And Officer Deaths

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Thursday that the federal government should collect “better, more accurate data” regarding how many civilians are killed by police and how many officers are killed in the line of duty. “The troubling reality is that we lack the ability right now to comprehensively track the number of incidents of either uses of force directed at police officers or uses of force by…

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Court Rules That Seeing Suspect Killed Is ‘Normal’ For Police

Under New York law as well as the law in several other states, for a stress disability to be covered by workers’ compensation, the stress experienced by the employee must be greater than that which usually occurs in the normal work environment. A recent case involving the East Greenbush, New York, Police Department demonstrated how that legal standard effectively precludes most stress claims by law enforcement officers. The case…

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Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings Not Protected From

On December 12, 2010, Long Beach police officers shot and killed Douglas Zerby, an intoxicated, unarmed 35-year-old man who was carrying a garden hose nozzle that officers mistook for a gun. Following the shooting, a reporter made a public records act request to the City seeking the names of the officers involved in the shooting. The City notified the Long Beach Police Officers Association of the request. The Association…

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