Chicago Mayor Discusses “YouTube Effect” On Police

Last week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined other big city mayors and police chiefs in Washington, D.C., to discuss the violence plaguing their cities. One of the conclusions they drew is that the increase in violence is partly due to the decrease in policing. During the discussion in D.C., the many of the leaders, including Emanuel, agreed that part of the problem is the “YouTube effect,” meaning officers are less…

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Miami Police Union Blasts ‘Bikini Babe’ Police Reality TV Show Teaser

These bikini babes have badges, too. The Miami police department is under fire after a years-old reality TV show pilot that objectifies women leaked out online and put female officers in a demeaning light, according to the union. “The female officers in our department, including the ones in the video, work very hard,” Miami Fraternal Order of Police president Javier Ortiz told WPLG-TV. “To be shown in that type…

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