Calling Officer A ‘Pain’ Not Gender Or Race Discrimination

Sharon Davis, an African-American, was employed as a police officer with the Newark, New Jersey Police Department. Davis filed a seven-count lawsuit against the City, alleging that she was retaliated against for raising issues of racial and gender discrimination. The federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected all of Davis’s claims. The Court held that, “even accepting Davis’s allegations, she has failed to claim that she was retaliated against…

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‘Disparate Treatment’ Requires Comparably-Situated Employees

Tomorrow Bush, an African-American corrections officer for Houston County, Alabama, sued the County for race and gender discrimination when she was fired for violating the jail’s use-of-force policy by unjustifiably pepper-spraying an inmate. At the heart of Bush’s discrimination claim was the contention that the County had treated similarly-situated white male employees more leniently. In dismissing Bush’s lawsuit, the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an employee…

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