Biased Seattle Police Officers Can ‘Go Someplace Else’, Says Union Chief

The chief of Seattle’s largest police union has told members to “go [work] someplace else” if they are not willing to police the city’s racially diverse population without prejudice, marking a notable call for change from among the city’s rank-and-file officers who have recently been accused of racial bias. Ron Smith, president of the Seattle […]

Racial Profiling Complaints Are Not Exempt From Public Disclosure

Maryland’s statutes concerning public documents are similar to those in many states, and contain an exemption allowing the non-disclosure of documents that are “personnel records.” A recent decision from the Maryland Court of Appeals addressed whether racial profiling records fit within the “personnel records” exception. The case had its origins in a 2003 consent decree […]

Trooper’s Suicide Not Reasonably Foreseeable By Employer

John Oliva was a trooper with the New Jersey State Police. During his field training process, Oliva complained that his “coach,” Patrick Gallagher, was teaching him to stop cars based on racial profiling. In the ensuing three years, Oliva saw and complained about what he perceived as other instances of racial profiling. Eventually, Oliva was […]