Order Bans Officers From Recording Each Other

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – During the embattled regime of former Public Safety Director Frank Straub, distrust was so rife within IMPD and the Department of Public Safety that a number of officers were wearing personal recording devices for their own protection. Metro Police Chief Rick Hite, before he was the top cop, was surreptitiously taped by two officers facing a disciplinary investigation. An officer’s personal tape recorder preserved internal departmental…

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Q & A

From New Mexico Question: Do union members or board members have a right to record interactions (conversations) with supervisors or administration? Answer: The question of tape recording is answered differently on a state-by-state basis. In some states, labor boards have ruled that a union has no right to insist on tape recording of employer interactions with union officials. The decisions of other states suggest a contrary result. You’ll need…

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