Officer In Controversial Canine Case Reinstated

Officer Jason Lewis was assigned to the New Orleans Police Department’s K-9 Division. Lewis’s dog was Primo, a Belgian Malinois. After working Primo out on May 27, 2009, Officer Lewis placed Primo in his K-9 unit, gave him water and turned on the unit’s cooling system. Then Officer Lewis went inside his home to shower and dress for his shift. When Officer Lewis returned to the vehicle he immediately…

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Arbitrator Has Right To Refuse To Order Reinstatement, Even If No Just Cause Exists For Discharg

Douglas Senn was a constable for the Town of Westbrook, Connecticut. On May 14, 2002, Senn was at a meeting with his fellow officers discussing potential work assignments. At that meeting, Senn stood up and declared, “I’m not working with niggers, Puerto Ricans or assholes….” As a result of that comment, a complaint was filed against Senn, ultimately leading to the termination of his employment on September 4, 2002….

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Police Chief Loses Claim For Pension Spiking

Darren Nance was terminated as a Newark, New Jersey police officer on September 3, 1996 and has not served as a police officer in the past 14 years. On June 24, 2010, a jury found that Nance’s termination was in retaliation for invoking his right to petition the government under the First Amendment and that Nance was subject to retaliation in violation of New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination. Subsequently,…

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