Some Georgia Sheriffs Start Placing ‘In God We Trust’ Decals On Sheriff’s Cars

ATLANTA, GA – Spurred by confrontations nationwide between police and the public, nearly a dozen law enforcement agencies in Georgia have joined a national movement that’s reigniting debate over God and government. In the last six weeks, sheriffs’ departments in the Georgia counties of Berrien, Burke, Coweta, Douglas, Gilmer, Haralson, Paulding, Polk and Walton have […]

Chicago’s Reasons For Failing To Hiring Muslim Officer Not Pretextual

Ricky Martinez is a Muslim male of Middle-Eastern origin. Martinez filed a federal court lawsuit alleging that the Chicago Police Department failed to hire him as a probationary police officer because of his religion. In dismissing Martinez’s claim, the Court applied the “indirect method of proof” test to Martinez’s claim. Under the test, if a […]

Milwaukee Sheriff Improperly Brought Religion Into Workplace

In April 2006, the newly-formed Fellowship of the Christian Centurions (the Centurions), a peer support group created specifically for law enforcement officers, sent flyers to law enforcement agencies in the state of Wisconsin. The advertisement offered the officers an opportunity to discuss issues unique to them, but from a religious perspective. This included discussions on […]