Deputies’ Union Suing County Over Personal Patrol Vehicle Punishment

KERN COUNTY, CA – The union that represents Kern County sheriff’s deputies is suing the county to compel it to accept an arbitrator’s decision awarding damages to 12 deputies the union alleges were wrongly deprived of their personal patrol vehicles for driving too fast. Attorneys for Kern Law Enforcement Association say in the Dec. 22 filing in Kern County Superior Court that the county’s Board of Supervisors “prejudicially abused…

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Employer Not Allowed To Withdraw Take-Home Vehicles

Since the 1970s, police officers working for the City of Port Huron, Michigan have been assigned to take-home vehicles. When the City issued a new order eliminating the take-home vehicle policy, the Police Officers Association of Michigan, representing the officers, sought arbitration over the issue. An arbitrator sided with the Association and ordered the restoration of the past practice. Important in the Arbitrator’s decision was that the City had…

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City Has Right To Rescind Take-Home Car Program

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) represents a bargaining unit popularly referred to as “the Gold Unit” made up of lieutenants and majors in the City of Marion, Ohio Police Department. There are approximately 17 employees in the bargaining unit. Four are majors and 13 are lieutenants. In 2000, the Department decided to permit four majors and one lieutenant, all of whom were involved with investigative work, to utilize…

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