Arbitrator Overturns Chicago PD’s Ban On Tattoos

Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police represents police officers in the Chicago Police Department. Prior to 2015, the Department had no policy banning the display of visible tattoos. Neither Lodge 7 nor the City had ever raised the topic of tattoo regulation during bargaining. On June 8, 2015, the Department issued a revised […]

Judge : Chicago Officers Must Cover Up Tattoos

CHICAGO, IL – A Chicago police officer’s tattoo is a form of personal expression that might be misinterpreted by the public, a federal judge said, tossing out the legal complaint of three officers who argued they shouldn’t have to cover up their ink while on the job. U.S. District Court Judge Charles P. Kocoras chose […]

Chicago Cops Sue Over Police Department’s Tattoo Ban

CHICAGO, IL – To Chicago Police Officer Daniel Medici, the tattoo on his body — a halo and wings honoring fellow Marines who didn’t make it home from Iraq — is sacred. So he filed a federal lawsuit Thursday challenging a new departmental rule that forces all cops to cover up their ink, the Chicago […]

Q&A Podcast #1, Tattoo Policy, Garrity Rights

In this podcast, Will answers questions dealing with tattoo policies and whether a Garrity-protected statement made by an employee can be used in the prosecution of another employee. [jwplayer file=”qanda.m4a?Expires=1484163125&Signature=bIi2-u-WRNKyzUbL4Ixg0GvqH-3gGRIiJOVL~zxoG8zZD79q-x87gjeZYlDWMI1Ona-BB4cR4idTfFOCUQYSYHAo8yvlI8mQQcPush4Ee52L2w3KBLNZRSGRWZWuOnNozqNcOoXyefIMtj~RHLuFYh40w7HRFXJSdYMqH~yVtyA_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJIHMHD36AUGYELAQ” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp”] Download audio file (Right click, select “Save As”) Use this link to play on iPhones and iPads Subscribe to LRIS Q&A by email […]

NY Times Story On Phoenix PD Tattoo Policy

PHOENIX, AZ &#8211 Police department tattoo policy is a hot topic right now. The New York Times recently ran an article on the Phoenix PD’s new policy on tattoos. Because of the intense Arizona heat, Phoenix police officers won’t be required to completely cover their tattoos as they are in many other departments. Starting August […]

Tattoo You

The issue of tattoos and police officers is a contentious one and not just here in the United States. The police union chief in Kent, England says that officers should be allowed to show tattoos while on duty. Ian Pointon, chairman of the Kent Police Federation, believes that tattoos can be an “icebreaker” when dealing […]

Q & A

From California Question: Do you have any information on department policies regarding tattoos, brandings and piercings being visible while an officer is on duty? Answer: We know of no cases on the issue. We are aware that many departments have required that officers cover tattoos while on duty. We do think it clear that such […]