Firefighter Turnover Affects Taxpayers, Firehouses

SOUTH CAROLINA – When you call 911, how much do you know about the first responders that race to your door. In a 7 News Investigation Brianna Smith found out that the continuous turnover in firehouses is not only draining your tax dollars, but it could also affect the quality of the response when you need it most. “It’s not hard to fill a firefighter position, it’s hard to…

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Dallas Loses Eight Officers At Once To The Fort Worth Police Department

DALLAS, TX – Eight Dallas police officers recently left the department to go be cops in Fort Worth instead, according to the Fort Worth Police Department. The eight cops were in a group of 10 Texas officers to join the department from elsewhere. The other two came from Wichita Falls and Irving. The lateral transfer class started Monday, and the new officers will graduate Feb. 20. Dallas actually had…

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