First Thursday, January 2016

In this month’s podcast, Will discusses the reasons why police and fire personnel have lower health care utilization than civilian employees. He also covers the following cases. Boston PD Rank-Ordered Promotions Held Discriminatory, Smith v. City of Boston, 2015 WL 7194554 (D. Mass. 2015) ‘Disrespectful Speech’ May Be Protected By Labor Laws, Borough of Carteret, 42 NJPER ¶ 66 (NJ PERC 2015) Court Rejects ‘Passive Inhalation’ Argument, Bennett v….

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First Thursday, November 2015

In this month’s First Thursday podcast, Will reviews an important Brady decision out of Texas and cases involving Weingarten, Garrity, police officer bill of rights, presumptive causation and protected speech. Major Brady Case From Texas, Brown v. Nero, 2015 WL 5666172 (Tex. App. 2015) Questioning About Use Of Force Incident Triggers Weingarten Rights, New York State Correctional Officers, 48 PERB ¶ 4546 (NY PERB ALJ 2015) How The Two-Part…

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First Thursday, July 2015

Topics discussed in this month’s podcast include: Supreme Court To Hear Case Threatening Public Employee Unions, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association No Right For Non-Members To Vote On Contract, AFSCME Council 25 v. Yunkman, 2015 WL 3505668 (Mich. App. 2015) The Department of Labor Issues Draft FLSA Exemptions Regulation Health Care Cashback, Merit Pay Must Be Included In FLSA Overtime Rate, Callahan v. City of Sanger, 2015 WL 2455419…

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First Thursday, March 2015

In this month’s podcast, Will discusses another public safety employee losing her job because of Facebook, two FLSA cases, an important firefighter staffing opinion and a new Weingarten case out of California Here are the case citations: Sergeant Loses Job Over Facebook ‘Rant’, Graziosi v. City of Greenville, Mississippi, 2015 WL 148998 (Fifth Cir. 2015) ‘Pure Gap Time’ Is Not Compensable Under The FLSA, Whenry v. Board of Commissioners,…

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First Thursday, August 2013

Download the podcast (Use this link to listen on Apple devices) Subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes Subscribe to this podcast by email Due to summer vacation, this month’s First Thursday was a week late (hey, we all need to recharge our batteries). But don’t worry, it’s still chock-full of useful information! Featured in this month’s podcast: A round of decisions on…

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