NYPD’s New $750M Home Has A Water Contamination Problem

This academy is not going to win any awards. The NYPD’s brand-new, $750 million supposedly state-of-the-art Police Academy in Queens now has a water contamination problem —-just months after the building’s high-tech gym floor buckled and needed to be replaced. Thirsty cops and recruits were handed bottled water on Friday, after officials deemed the building’s […]

Pittsburgh Police Station Infested With Rats

Pittsburgh police in Highland Park hope to catch more than just criminals this week. Officials say the Zone 5 station on Washington Boulevard is infested with rats, and they are hoping bait traps catch the potentially disease-spreading rodents before they multiply. “It’s definitely a hazard,” said Officer Howard McQuillan, president of the Fraternal Order of […]

More Asbestos Found In Police Building

STAMFORD, CT – Asbestos tests paid for by the police union membership have led to the evacuation of the first-floor offices of the Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit inside police headquarters. The tests performed earlier this month found asbestos fibers in each of the five locations tested in different parts of the building, according to […]

Firefighters Worry The Sleeping Quarters Are Making Them Sick

HYANNIS, MA – Several months ago, Vicki Yefko found herself unable to move properly. “I woke up one morning and wasn’t sure what was going on,” said Yefko, a firefighter/emergency medical technician with the Hyannis Fire Department. After being taken to the emergency room, and then an ear, nose and throat doctor, Yefko was diagnosed […]